R222 Carnauba Concours Wax & R222 Paintwork Cleanser - Ultimate Waxing Kit!

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R222 Concours Carnauba Car Wax 200ml + R222 Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser

R222 Carnauba Wax is easily the best wax on the market, that is far beyond its price bracket in shine, and lasting performance, without a doubt. To put it simply, once you try the R222 carnauba wax, you will probably never try another wax again - its that impressive!

Another way that the R222 Concours wax excels is in its application, is super easy to use, you simply rub the applicator onto the wax and immediately the wax begins to turn into a much softer product, making it extremely to work with, its like applying a thin layer of grease. You simply apply it to your car in straight lines across your chosen panel, once done you then buff it straight off without any waiting for hazing, its straight on straight off!

R222 Car wax was voted No #1 under the ’Premium Wax’ category that far outshone (no pun intended) the competition that included waxes that were many times the cost of R222 Wax Carnauba Paste. This survey and the final judges decision were performed by the USA’s Guru Report - this is the premier detailing magazine that is recognised across the globe.


This pre-wax cleaner removes contaminants and prepares paintwork for your preferred wax. Easy to apply, this rich emollient oil with gentle chemical cleaners is the finest polish available.

Detailers and chemists agree that maximum shine can only be achieved if the surface is properly prepared before waxing. Using R222 paintwork cleanser prior to waxing will gently remove swirl marks, water spots and pollution residues, microscopic dirt and film that gets embedded in the paint or clearcoat.

Using a paintowrk cleaner before waxing will make a big improvement in gloss levels as well as making the job easier.

  • Removes rain spots, minor stains & contaminates
  • Adds essential emollients back into the paint
  • Prepares the paint for wax
  • Easy to use - apply, leave to haze, then buff out
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