Martin Cox Large 5 Gallon Bucket With Free Grit Guard

Martin Cox Large 5 Gallon Bucket With Free Grit Guard

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A large bucket 5 gallon bucket (22.7L) and lid with a FREE girt guard to prevent grit coming in contact with mitt or cloth. 

How does a grit guard work? When dirt is is rubbed off your wash mitt into the bucket it naturally begins to fall to the bottom. When the mitt is once again placed in the bucket, the water is then disturbed causing the dirt to once again flow around the bucket which can then land on the mitt. The grit guard traps dirt by stopping the water from flowing beneath it. 

We say: "We recommend always using the 2 bucket method; a rinse bucket and another for wash. Simply put plain water in the 'rinse bucket' and soapy water in the 'wash' bucket. When you have wiped your soapy mitt around a few panels of the car, rinse your mitt into the rinse bucket as this will remove all the dirt you have picked up of your car from your wash mitt. This then allows a clean mitt to then go into your soapy water."

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