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Dodo Juice Shag Pad Microfibre Wash Pad

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The Dodo Juice ‘Shag Pad’ is a deep pile microfibre wash pad covered in soft synthetic microfibre to glide across the paintwork. Inside the microfibre is a large sponge, to ensure maximum water and suds absorption.

This wash pad form Dodo Juice solves many problems in a simple but yet effective product. Sponges are fantastic are absorbing water and suds but their downside is the grit they clean remains on the surface, causing it to create scratches and swirls. Dodo Juice have solved this problem by using a form of wash sponge covered in soft microfibre, to ensure this does not happen. This creates the perfect hybrid, you get the absorbency of a with the safety of a microfibre mitt.

Just dunk it into the bucket, then squeeze to release wash solution and gently glide over the panel.

Perfect for a 'safe' contact wash and even better value than a deep pile wash mitt.

Dimensions (approx. due to pile): 21x16x5cm.

Can you machine wash the Shag Pad after use? Yes, you can. But we don't advise it because the sponge inner may become twisted internally. Just rinse it out under a running tap and let it dry naturally. No special maintenance required.

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