Dodo Juice Red Mist

Dodo Juice Red Mist

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Dodo Juice Red Mist is a bit of a legend in the detailing community. Originally launched as a supercharged quick detailer, it quickly began to stand out.

Red mist can be seen as a hybrid, sitting somewhere between a spray sealant and a quick detail spray – making it the perfect solution most for people. It offers great durability, easily lasting 2/3 months, with a really quite outstanding gloss finish. Once applied, the paint is transformed into a super slick surface to the touch, which beads really well.

Dodo Juice Red mist can be used on bare paint, or over existing wax or sealants but avoid using it on fresh wax or sealants as it can interfere with them. It can also be used after each wash, as a detail spray to top up the gloss and beading.

Red Mist should not be left to dwell on oxidised/UV-damaged/old paint finishes. Also, do not use it on classic (un-lacquered, cellulose) white or light paintwork. It can flash off quickly in hot conditions or on hot panels so apply it in the shade to cool panels only and buff/level rapidly.

Trigger included.

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    Spray and Wipe
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    Dodo Juice
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