Chemical Guys Hex-Logic 5.5" Best of the Best Buffing Pads Kit 8 PIECE KIT

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  • Full sampler of Every Hex-Logic polishing and finishing pad
  • Perfect for every step in a paint correction polishing detail
  • Standard 5.5’’ diameter covers most curves, contours, and flat panels alike
  • Fits any 5’’ dual action, rotary, or large-throw orbital machine backing plate
  • Hook and loop interface installs pads in seconds
  • Choose between 7 Hex-Logic pads for compounding, polishing, or waxing on any type of paint finish
  • Polishing Pad Cleaner keeps pads clean and in tip-top shape


Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts love Hex-Logic polishing pads for their ease of use and superior results. The 5.5″ Hex-Logic Best Of The Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit comes every Hex-Logic pad used for full polishing and waxing detail jobs. Try every fan-favorite cutting, polishing, and finishing pad to create the best result on any paint finish. After polishing, keep the pads in top form with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. Old-school wool pads leave holograms in modern water-based paints and clear coat finishes. Hex-Logic foam pads use premium high-density foams and cutting-edge pad designs for perfect results. Every paint finish is different, and one favorite pad can rarely work on every single car. The Hex-Logic Best Of The Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit covers cutting, polishing, and finishing jobs for most enthusiast and professional detailers. Hex-Logic grooves in the face of the pad spread product evenly for fine finishing with less waste in less time. Professionals understand the importance of clean buffing pads, so they remove old polish and paint residue with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner. The citrus-based formula breaks down old undesirable products, and keeps polishing pads in prime cutting condition. The standard 5.5’’ polishing pads are best suited for use with traditional rotary polishers and standard 8mm dual action orbital polishers. Finish it right the first time, and pick from the full foam pad lineup with the 5.5″ Hex-Logic Best Of The Best Buffing Pads Everything Kit


The advanced design of Hex-Logic buffing and polishing pads picks up where traditional pads fell flat. Traditional foam polishing pads have a flat face and square profile, and this dated design does little to flex and conform to curves, contours, and other simple shapes found around every automobile. Hex-Logic grooves serve many purposes for the paint correction process. The V-cut grooves into the surface draw in fresh air as the pad spins, cooling the workpiece, pad, backing plate, and machine for extended worktime and reduced wear and tear. The Hex-Logic pattern spreads polish and compound evenly around the surface for more even cut and efficient use of the entire polishing pad surface. The Hex-Logic texture also helps the pad form and flex to contoured surfaces for more contact and more even polishing results and better look over the vehicle. Don’t be fooled by old pad designs or cheap square grid knockoffs: Hex-Logic pads are superior by design for better results with more clarity and purity in the reflection of the painted finish.


Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner restores all types of machine polishing pads to brand-new cutting and polishing power. Different polishing jobs require different combinations of machine polisher, polishing pad, and polishing compound. Body shop wet-sanding marks typically require heavy compound and wool cutting pads. Light swirls and scratches are removed with a foam cutting pad and swirl remover polish. Hard paint finishes may only be cut with microfiber cutting pads and a medium compound. Polishing Pad Cleaner works on all foam, microfiber, and wool buffing and polishing pads. Pad Cleaner rinses clean, leaves pads refreshed, and extends their useful life. Without proper cleaning, buffing and polishing pads can cake up with dry polish and paint residue. Residue clogs polishing pads, which reduces their cutting ability and causes them to produce sub-par results. No matter the pad, chemical, or machine, use Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner to remove polish and paint residue, and restore pads to a like-new condition

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