Chemical Guys Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Short Handle Car Care Brush

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  • Super-soft brush safe for cleaning paintwork and body panels
  • Easily cleans intricate wheel designs and patterns
  • Made with super-soft synthetic bristles
  • Eye-catching cool gray bristles
  • Easily designate gray brush for paintwork only
  • Rugged plastic handle for years of comfortable use
  • Abrasion-resistant body
  • Heavy-duty construction materials
  • Perfect for cleaning custom wheels, sensitive paintwork, and more


The Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush is great for powerful cleaning on custom wheels, sensitive paintwork, engine bays, and lower body panels. The soft synthetic bristles are split for a soft touch on sensitive wheels and rims, and easily removes tough dirt, debris, and brake dust. The handle is contoured to the human hand for comfortable ergonomics, powerful cleaning, and low fatigue with extended scrubbing. Easily scrub away brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil, grease, and more. Clean chrome, polished, painted, powdercoated, and wrapped OEM and custom wheels with a scratch-free shine. The abrasion-resistant handle is cast from durable plastic to last for years of rugged detailing use. Use the Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush to clean sensitive areas around any fine automobile like custom wheels, paintwork, and engine bays. For best results, designate one Soft Touch Brush for paintwork only to avoid cross-contamination with abrasive wheel dirt and grime.


Custom wheels are notoriously difficult to clean due to the sensitive surface finishes, intricate designs, and small crevices on each wheel face. Many amateur detailers end up using old rags or abrasive brushes to clean their wheels, and produce subpar results. The Chemical Guys Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning sensitive wheels and painted surfaces. The fully synthetic brush is tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on sensitive paint, chrome, powder coated wheels, and polished metal. The durable plastic handle is scratch and abrasion resistant, and will not damage finishes if accidentally rubbed on the surface. Ultra-soft flagged-tipped gray bristles gently scrub and lift dirt and grime from wheels and paint for a scratch-free shine. Easily clean away brake dust, dirt, oil, road grime, and more with the Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush. Pair the Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush with premium Chemical Guys products to clean wheels and body panels to a like-new condition. Choose the Chemical Guys Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush for next-level sensitivity whenever detailing.


The Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush is the perfect brush for cleaning custom wheels, sensitive finishes, and for fine detailing work on large textured surfaces. Use Chemical Guys Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush on custom wheels to scrub away embedded dirt, brake dust, and grime without harming sensitive finishes. Scrub OEM and aftermarket wheels to agitate brake dust, dirt, grease, and grime from the surface. The soft and durable flagged-tip bristles easily scrub filth from wheel faces, cracks, and crevices. Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush removes caked on dirt and grime to restore a like-new appearance. Clean dirt, mud, and dust from lower body panels without fear of scratching paintwork or textured plastic trim panels. The Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush is also perfect for spreading dressings and tire shine on extra large off road tires with deep ridges and textured faces. The soft bristles spread tire shine into every crack and crevice for an even shine over any extra-large tire. Clean dust, dirt, and oil from engine components like valve covers, air intake boxes, battery covers, radiator covers, and various hoses found all around engine bays and compartments. For heavy duty cleaning on even the filthiest custom wheels, paintwork, and engine bays, use the new Chemical Guys Soft Touch Body & Wheel Brush.

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