Bilt Hamber Electrox Spray Coating 400ml

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Unique zinc-rich coating

Bilt Hamber Electrox protects steel from corrosion with both barrier and electrical functionality. Coating steel with electrox produces a surface film containing over 90% metallic zinc. Once cured, the tightly packed zinc particles establish an electronically conductive pathway, enabling cathodic protection of the underlying steel, exactly the same principle utilised in hot zinc galvanising.

For years galvanised steel has proven to provide outstanding longevity even in the most hostile and aggressive environments. It’s unfortunate that the process involves hot dipping steel into a bath of liquid zinc.

For many items and projects this is, of course, simply not possible. For those wanting to provide the very best protection to steel, Bilt-Hamber’s electrox allows the advantages of a zinc coating to be obtained as simply as if a normal metal primer were being used. It can be applied by brush or by spra, and as it’s a single pack product there’s no need for mixing activators. The cured zinc film can be left uncoated or top coated with a wide range of finishing paints to further increase protection

Recommended Uses

Bilt Hamber electrox is recommended for use on off-shore structures, harbour installations, jetty and pier pilings and extreme duty vehicle chassis work.

electrox is of particular benefit in vehicle restoration where under body protection is of vital importance, the highnesses levels of corrosion protection can easily be imparted to chassis rails, floor pans, sill sections, suspension components etc, in fact any area or part can be protected with this outstanding primer.

A Comparison

Most paint coatings rely on barrier protection of steel surfaces to prevent corrosion, and while most have corrosion inhibitor pigments to improve longevity, the long-term protection is often disappointing. Protection of these barrier type coatings is quickly diminished at impact and damage sites too.

A cured film of electrox is a true zinc-rich coating containing in excess of 90% pure zinc. Proven through thousands of hours of salt-spray testing, zinc-rich coatings are accepted as irreplaceable in the most hostile corrosive conditions. Further, the protection imparted by cathodic action means that steel surfaces are kept free of corrosion even in the event of film disruption.

Below electrox protects even when the paint film is cut

Quick Guide

  • Provides class-leading corrosion protection
  • Protects by cathodic action
  • Contains more than 90% zinc in dry film
  • Easy to use single pack material
  • Easily top coated with wide range of finishes
  • Self-healing if damaged
  • Can be left uncoated - max protection achieved when top coated,
  • Can be brushed or sprayed

How To Use

Open lever lid cans with care away from face and eyes. electrox can be applied using brush, airless or conventional spray. Ideally apply to steel surfaces prepared to Swedish Standard SA 2.5 (Second Quality BS. 4232) Do not exceed 75 micron surface profile. Stir before and during use – feel for settled zinc powder with stirrer and continue to stir until fully incorporated.

electrox can be used to protect rusted, wire-brushed substrate – remove all loose flaky corrosion deposits. All surfaces must be free of grease, oil and millscale.

Stir product well before and during use.

Ensure all edges are protected. Apply 1 full coat, do not over brush.

For severe, marine duty the application of a second coat after 3 hrs is recommended. Each coat should be applied to WFT (wet film thickness) of 100 microns to achieve around 42 microns DFT (dry film thickness) per coat.

Surface dry 20-30 minutes. Hard Dry 3 hours.

Over coating can be carried out once film is hard dried – but high solvency top coats should be applied after 96 hrs. electrox can be over coated with a wide-range of top coating systems – check compatibility on small scale before use. Where surface is likely to be subject to mechanical impact from debris over coating with stone chip protection is desirable.

Coverage 8-10 sq metres per litre

Thinner if required: xylene.

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